Shipping & Returns

How long does it take an order to ship?

Please allow 1-3 days for us to process your order. All orders over $40 ship for free by USPS Ground or USPS Priority. You should receive your order within 2-8 days.

Do you ship outside the United States?

We do not offer shipping outside the U.S.

Can I return the salt or chile powders?

We do not accept returns on any food-based products. However, if you receive an incorrect, damaged, or defective item, etc. we will issue a full refund or replace the item at no cost to you. Please contact us at hello@desertprovisions.com with your order number and details.

Where can I find Desert Provisions?

Find Desert Provisions at a variety of shops, restaurants, hotels, and more throughout the U.S.

Interested in carrying and/or using our products? We offer wholesale pricing for retail and bulk pricing for restaurants and bars.

Contact us at hello@desertprovisions.com for a line sheet or send us any questions about stocking our products in your store, restaurant, bar, or pantry.

Salts & Chile Powders

Where does the salt come from?

The salt we use in all of our products is harvested from the Sea of Cortez in Baja California where the Sonoran Desert meets the sea.

Where do the chiles come from?

We use unique, high-quality chiles from a fourth generation chile farmer in Hatch, NM.

Is your salt iodized?

No, we do not add any additional ingredients to our salt or chile salts.

Are your products gluten-free?

Our products do not contain gluten, but are not certified gluten free. Even if our salts and chile powders do not contain gluten ingredients, we cannot 100% guarantee that they have not come into contact with gluten. We recommend that people who are sensitive to gluten use their discretion when using our salt and chile products.

How do you use Desert Provisions salts and/or chile powders?

There are endless (and delicious!) ways to incorporate our salts and chile powders into your everyday cooking. Top citrus with our Hatch Red Chile Salt or salt the rim of your Bloody Marys to add that extra zing to your Sunday brunch. We love using the Hatch Green Chile Salt for burgers and finishing steaks. Sonoran Sea Salt can be used as a finishing salt to flavor any dish — think soups, salads, vinaigrettes, and grilled veggies. Try using our salts and chile powders for rubs, marinades, and glazes; Need more inspiration? Check out our recipes and follow us on Instagram!