Meyer Lemon Salt Gift Set (Seasonal)

Meyer Lemon Salt Gift Set (Seasonal)

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Gifting just got easier. Our seasonal Meyer Lemon Salt, Sonoran Sea Salt, and exclusive handmade salt cellar is the perfect gift for your foodie friend or relative with a discerning palate. This box includes some of our biggest stars:

-1.6 oz Meyer Lemon Salt (seasonal)
-3.4 oz Sonoran Sea Salt
-Exclusive handmade ceramic salt cellar by STONEWAREWOLF for Desert Provisions (measures approx 2 in wide x 1 in high)
-Add a wooden salt spoon for $4 (optional)

Bright and floral just like fresh Meyer lemons, this seasonal salt elevates both sweet and savory dishes. Made with Meyer lemons harvested from Tucson, Arizona and our signature Sonoran Sea Salt, this versatile salt add sparkle to any dish. Sprinkle on frosted cupcakes and baked goods to balance your sweet tooth with a little tart citrus, or use as a finishing salt on meats of vegetables.

The Sonoran Sea Salt is great for using as an everyday salt to finish and season all your favorite dishes. In fact, we’re hard pressed to find anything that doesn’t taste a little better with a pinch on top. Don’t forget cocktails too! Rim your margarita or Bloody Mary glass with some Sonoran Sea Salt for the ultimate drinking experience.

Our exclusive salt cellar is handmade exclusively for Desert Provisions by STONEWAREWOLF. Add a little Meyer Lemon Salt or Sonoran Sea Salt to your table in this stylish and functional dish. Each one is little different and may vary slightly in size.

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Cook’s Notes:

Just a pinch does the trick. Meyer lemons add just the amount of tart citrus to any dish.

Favorite uses: 

Sprinkle on chicken, asparagus, scallops, vegetables, fish and to brighten salads.

Meyer Lemon Salt Gift Set