Meyer Lemon Salt (Seasonal)

Meyer Lemon Salt (Seasonal)


Bright and floral just like fresh Meyer lemons, this seasonal salt blended with Sonoran Sea Salt elevates both sweet and savory dishes. Made with Meyer lemons harvested from Tucson, Arizona and our signature Sonoran Sea Salt, this versatile salt will add sparkle to any dish. Perfect on fish, poultry, and grilled veggies…think spring greens or grilled asparagus. It is also a nice addition to a homemade vinaigrette or soup. You can even sprinkle on frosted cupcakes and baked goods to balance your sweet tooth with a little tart citrus.

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Cook’s Notes:

Just a pinch does the trick. Meyer lemons add just the amount of tart citrus to any dish.

Favorite uses: 

Sprinkle on chicken, fish, grilled asparagus, scallops, vegetables, and to brighten salads.

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