Hatch Green Chile Powder

Hatch Green Chile Powder



Our Hatch Green Chile Powder is an earthy, mild- and hot-spiced powder that brings you the unparalleled flavor of Hatch green chiles all year round. The powder has a savory, vegetal heat that adds a little kick.

Made with 100% green chiles grown along the banks of the Rio Grande River in Hatch, New Mexico, home to the world’s finest peppers.

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Cook’s Notes:

Use Hatch Green Chile Powder anywhere you want deep earthy flavor and mild (or hot) heat. It can be used in any recipe that calls for chile powder.

Favorite uses: 

Hatch Green Chile Powder makes excellent queso, macaroni and cheese, and pork chile verde stew. Use to make green enchilada sauce or add to soups, stews, and braises. Also makes a great dry rub for meat.