Hatch Red Chile Salt

Hatch Red Chile Salt



Hatch Red Chile Salt brings together the best of the desert southwest, pairing the finest red chiles from Hatch, New Mexico with unrefined sea salt from the adjacent Sea of Cortez. Rich and fruity, Hatch Red Chile Salt adds mellow medium heat to both savory and sweet dishes. 

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Cook’s Notes:

Great for use while cooking and as a finishing salt, Hatch Red Chile Salt also makes an excellent rub for meats and fish before cooking. Use as you would plain salt to add an unexpected kick to your favorite dishes. 

Favorite uses: 

Sprinkle on avocado toast, popcorn, eggs, fresh and roasted vegetables (especially sweet potatoes and acorn squash), meat, fish, and fresh fruit. Great as a salt rim for Bloody Marys (our favorite use!). The fruity flavor pairs well with chocolate and a pinch is a nice finish to brownies, chocolate cake, and hot chocolate. 

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